FAST INTERNET MANAGEMENT SERVICES (FIMS) was incorporated June 2010 in Malaysia as small IT Firms. FIMS a leading solution provider for IT solutions in Malaysia and subsequently expanded its staff numbers and expertise, and as a result was FIMS had since 2010 provided IT support to end-users, businesses and corporate clients in the Asian sub region and beyond. Most of FIMS clients were typically those seeking infrastructure deployment, software development, it security, security patching and website development.

FIMS with our affiliates have over 4 years of cumulative experience in the provision of a broad range of IT services, solutions and products that cut across a broad range of issues such as IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Software Applications Development, Collaborative Project Management, and IT Support & Maintenance.
Whereas our largest client base is in Malaysia, we have a significant portfolio of clients in Malaysia, We are extremely proud of this record of performance, and the resulting expertise and access to the latest and most advanced data networking technology that we are able to offer our clients.

FIMS today offers a full complement of information technology products and services that include scalable and robust data network strategy planning, deployment and management, voice/data integration with various vendor products, e-commerce and e-government solutions, a technical computer support Help Desk and Call Center, and information management tools built on web enabled database systems. Provided below are selected highlights of our core capabilities in information technology, networking and project management services.

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