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Budgets are tight. Staffing is down. And external and internal threats to your infrastructure security are at an all-time high. An endless stream of patches and updates can help keep your company safe — if you have the time to research, test, and deploy them.

With Fims Security Team , patch management is the secure, proactive, and preventative process it should be. Fims Security Team scans networks for security holes and closes them with the click of a mouse, no matter the operating system, the vendor application in use, the mix, or the size of the environment. Fims Security Team works quickly, accurately and safely to ensure desktops and servers are patched correctly and completely the first time around. It’s the only fully Internet-based vulnerability remediation security management software for all Microsoft, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, Novell NetWare, and MacOS X operating systems. Fims Security Team is extremely scalable and can support redundant and high-availability topologies including clustering, auto failover and load-balancing.

Fims Security Team takes a multifaceted approach in securing your network: Detect, Deploy, Defend.
Detect the Vulnerability
With Fims Security Team, the ability to assess patch management risks is automated, accurate, and comprehensive. And that means you always know exactly what patches and holes reside on each server, desktop, and laptop in your enterprise network.

Enterprise Scalability.

Fims Security Team scalability meets large-scale, complex network security requirements as well as small- to mid-size business patch management needs. Fims Security Team complies with security best practices to manage your business risk in any sized environment. Fims Security Team is extremely scalable with full support for redundant and high-availability topologies including clustering, auto failover and load-balancing. Moreover, Fims Security Team has optimized its database to accommodate more nodes per sever, thus reducing total cost of ownership.

Enterprise-wide Monitoring.

Fims Security Team monitors and maintains patch compliance throughout your entire enterprise. Its patent-pending Patch Fingerprinting™ technology works interactively between server and client to accurately detect security vulnerabilities and provides a fast and intuitive method for immediately correcting them across all platforms and enterprise boundaries—before hackers get in.

Agent-based Patch Management.

To ensure complete security coverage for your network, Fims Security Team installs an agent on every denoted client system. This ensures that all chosen systems are protected, even those that belong to remote users on laptops and workstations. The Agent Management Center simplifies the discovery, installation, and maintenance agents across your organization.

Deploy the Appropriate Patches
Fims Security Team automates the tedious process of researching and deploying new patches—so you can quickly take action before hacking, compliance, or infringement issues damage your infrastructure.

Additional Active Directory Integration.

Fims Security Team will support additional Active Directory (AD) integration, which allows system administrators to manage all automated patch management processes through Active Directory while using Fims Security Team.

Desktop End-user Control.

The desktop end user now has the ability to control when patches are installed with the latest technology built into Fims Security Team. The Desktop Interaction Manager (DIM) displays a message box notifying desktop users of pending patches, and then gives them the option of when to install and reboot (within parameters set by the administrator.)

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