Enterprise Application Development


At Fast Internet Management Services (FIMS) we understand the complexity of the enterprise IT landscape, and how it interacts – often imperfectly – with business needs and process mapping. Our centres of competence for technology, solutions and industries allow us to rapidly put together teams capable of understanding the business needs specific to each company and delivering real business value.



Software and systems development and integration


FIMS software and systems development services target specific enterprise demands in application and systems software development and integration. Our application development services are built on the foundation of proven project management practices, reusable frameworks, and dedication to technological advancement.

Our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology

Project Planning: the right approach holds the success of any project. This is the intial stage where we assess our clients needs, their customer’s needs and preferences, the resource requirement, work groups and so on.

Design: at this stage project manager work with developers so figure out the various processes and stages involved in the project. Various inferences of input and output are calculated so that any loopholes can be detected.

Implementation: In this all-important stage we follow a combination of the traditional and iterative SDLC approach. What it means is that after assessing the project requirements our developers finish the given part of the project and present it for approval to the project manager

Testing: The software testing process followed at Rose India is both comprehensive and thorough to identify and eliminate all bugs and errors from the final product to ensure hassle free operation of the service or product

Acceptance: For us acceptance refers to not just acceptance by our clients but by their customer’s as well, after all if user for whom the product is not satisfied then how can we.

Maintenance & Support: FIMS offers dedicated after-sales product support. We strive to constantly improve our products by rectifying any glitches that may crop up over a course of time.

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